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      一、滤筒的检查 定期检查滤筒磨损情况,若磨损严重或发现有孔过滤效果明下降时马上更换。 1、一般检查排放的过滤后的气体是不是清晰 2、如果喷砂主机回砂困难,喷砂主机室视线不清晰,发现别的地方无问题,检查滤筒是不是发生堵塞。 3、如果除尘系统配有压差计的可监测滤筒的压力降是否超出正常值 二、滤筒的拆卸 1.在拆换滤筒时,应先从机组的顶部检修孔开始,这样落入尘斗的尘粒将不致通过下面的检修孔逸出。 2.用手反时针方向转动旋钮,松开螺栓,拆下密封盖板,并置于一侧。 3.用扳手反时针方向转动旋下滤筒锁紧螺母,置于一旁。 4.移动滤筒,剥掉滤筒和滤筒托板密封面之间的密封垫。慢慢转动滤筒1/2转,使所有堆积在滤筒顶部的垃圾掉落,从除尘器的前面检修孔取出。(注意:拆换滤筒时需小心。当将滤筒从检修口拉出时,沾满灰尘的滤筒可能很重或会较难处理。) 5.检查存灰地区的灰渣堆积情况,如果需要清扫即行清扫。 三、滤筒的安装 1.将滤筒推入每个支架中,按顺时针方向旋上并锁紧锁紧螺母。 2.擦净检修孔密封垫,按顺时针方向转动旋钮,将密封盖板重新安装到支架的丝扣上,用手牢牢拧紧。 3.到这里除尘器便已安装就绪,可供启动。在启动前再检查电源,并接通压缩空气源。 滤筒拆装和安装时注意事项: 1拆卸有粉尘的滤筒时,需防护好自已的眼睛,防止粉尘进入眼睛。 2滤筒不可敲击,也不可跌落地面或其它硬表面上,否则会损坏  滤筒,导致漏气。 3为确保滤筒密封垫的可靠密封,必须将孔口四周滤筒支承衬板,每个滤筒端盖和密封盖板上的灰渣都清除干净。 4不得使用溶剂来清洁密封垫的密封表面 四、灰渣的清除 1、每班需检察集尘里上是否装满粉尘,并且及时进行清理。 2、在灰斗搬动和倒尽灰桶,重新安装好灰筒。 五、除尘系统注意事项 1、仔细阅读除尘系统说明书 2、除尘系统旁边尽量预留1.5米之内的检修位置。 3、除尘器如果放在厂房外部,一定要有防雨棚。

First, check regularly check cartridge cartridge wear, if badly worn or have holes that filter down effect that immediately replaced. 1, the general inspection of the filtered gas emissions is not clear 2, if the host back to the sand blasting difficult, sandblasting room hosts clear line of sight is not found elsewhere, no problem, check the cartridge is not jammed. 3, if the dust removal system equipped with a pressure meter can monitor whether the cartridge pressure drop beyond the normal two, the demolition of a cartridge in the cartridge when you replace them, should start at the top of the unit began to repair the hole, so fall dust particles into the dust bucket will not escape through the manhole below. 2 Turn the knob counter-clockwise by hand, loosen the bolt, remove the seal cover, and placed on one side. 3 with the wrench counter-clockwise rotation under the cartridge lock nut, set aside. 4 Move the cartridge, cartridge and cartridge stripped of pallets between the gasket sealing surface. Slowly turn the cartridge 1 / 2 turn so that all stacked in the cartridge at the top of the garbage falling from the dust in front of the manhole out. (Note: Removable caution when cartridge when the cartridge is pulled out from a manhole, covered with heavy dust or cartridge may be more difficult.) 5. Check the gray areas of the ash deposit buildup, If you need to sweep the line clean. Third, the cartridge installation 1 will push the cartridge into each bracket in a clockwise direction and tighten the lock nut on the screw. 2. Wipe manhole gasket, turn the knob clockwise, the sealing cover to re-install the bracket on threaded, tighten firmly by hand. 3. Precipitator here already installed ready for launch. Check the power before starting again, and connected to compressed air source. Cartridge disassembly and installation notes: 1 Remove the cartridge with dust, the need to better their own eye protection to prevent dust entering the eyes. 2 cartridge can not hit, can not be dropped on the ground or other hard surface, otherwise it will damage the cartridge, resulting in leakage. 3 To ensure reliable cartridge seal sealed cartridge bearing four weeks must be holes lining, end caps and closures for each cartridge are cleaned ash board. 4 Do not use solvents to clean the gasket sealing surface of the four, the removal of an ash, dust in the prosecution of class to be filled with dust on it, and promptly clean up. 2, moving in the hopper and down to make ash bucket, to re-install the gray cylinder. Fifth, note a dust removal system, dust removal system, carefully read the instructions 2, dust removal system next to the reserve as much as possible within 1.5 m of maintenance position. 3, the dust on the plant if the external, must have proof canopy.


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